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Set up for Halloween with Wireless Multi-room Speakers

Set up for Halloween with Wireless Multi-room Speakers

It's that time of year when haunted houses spring up across the country — and maybe this year you’re ready to put together a spooky haunt of your own. Before you go all out on animated figures, fog machines and other pricey props, you should know that one of the most effective ways to create a spooky environment is through sound. Wireless multi-room speakers help set the perfect tone for your haunted house by controlling what effects and creepy tracks are played in each individual room. With the right equipment and setup, you'll be a neighborhood legend come Halloween night.

Pick a theme (and stick with it)

The best haunted houses have a consistent theme to tie each room together, rather than a series of tonally inconsistent scenes that have no connection or flow from one to the next. By sticking with a single concept, you can build upon it from room to room, steadily raising the tension (not to mention the scares). Do It Yourself has several recommendations to consider, from haunted hospital to witches' coven.

Once you have your theme nailed down, begin to lay out each room and decide what audio should accompany it. If you're going the haunted hospital route, for instance, you might set up your front hall as a waiting room for the damned and then decorate your den as an operating room.

However you choose to map out your haunted house, use wireless multi-room speakers to give each location its own distinct sound and amp up the atmosphere. It could be something subtle, like the sound of an EKG machine, or more intense, like screams, ghostly moans or a witch's cackle.

Don't neglect the outdoors

A lot of people devote most of their attention to the interior of their haunted houses, but don't forget to give your outdoor areas a little bit of spooky TLC as well. That walk up to the front door is important for setting a ghoulish atmosphere, and with the right combination of props and sounds, you can have visitors quaking in their shoes before they even step inside your house.

The front lawn is an ideal place to put together a makeshift graveyard with prop tombstones, skeletons or even zombies coming out of the ground.

Again, matching the appropriate sound with the environment is key here. For a graveyard scene, use wireless outdoor speakers to play the sound of crows cawing or the hoot of an owl. If you want to ramp up the unsettling, there's plenty of chamber music, like Carl Orff's O Fortuna, that will instantly put guests on edge.

Whatever route you want to go, HEOS wireless multi-room speakers give you the control to craft each room to your exact specifications and fully realize your scare-inducing vision. Use the HEOS app to decide what music or soundtrack plays in every corner of your haunted house, from the front lawn, through the kitchen, down into the basement and even out back. The neighborhood will be talking about your haunted house for years to come.



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