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Why a Portable Speaker is the Perfect Companion for Your Summer Getaway

Why a Portable Speaker is the Perfect Companion for Your Summer Getaway

Summer is the perfect time of year to take some time off and hit the road. Whether your big summer plans include a camping excursion, lake house rental or road trip, portable wireless speakers are the perfect companions.

Portable wireless speakers like the HEOS 1 provide high-quality audio, allowing you to listen to your favorite music no matter where the road takes you.

Take your tunes on the road

You can't pack up your component speaker setup and take it with you when you go camping or get away for the weekend. A wireless speaker with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality lets you listen to whatever you like in pristine quality, even while sitting around the campfire. Don't have access to a wireless network? Turn Bluetooth on and pair your smartphone and speaker to play tracks from your music app of choice.

The HEOS 1 packs a big sound in a deceptively small package and features advanced Digital Signal Processing to capture the full range of sound. Dual Channel Class D digital audio amplification ensures you fill your listening space even when kicking back outdoors.

All of that sonic muscle without a fine tonal balance could result in oppressively loud audio, which is why the HEOS 1 portable speaker includes custom EQ sound to level things out and provide the most pleasant listening experience possible.

Your portable speaker built for the outdoors

When reviewing portable speaker options, you're likely to come across units that perform reasonably well indoors but are poorly suited for outside. They may not have the high-quality components needed to let your music fill such open spaces or hold up under the different conditions that Mother Nature throws their way.

Rampant humidity is an unfortunate fact of life for many parts of the U.S. during summer. Electronic components are susceptible to damage from unchecked humidity, so you want to be sure your speaker is designed with these environments in mind. The HEOS 1 enclosure is sealed for humidity resistance, preventing lasting damage.

There's no reason you have to give up listening to your favorite music when taking a trip with your family or friends. Find the perfect portable speaker for your next summer getaway with the help of HEOS.


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