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Pair HiFi Soundbars with HDTVs for the Perfect Viewing Experience

Pair HiFi Soundbars with HDTVs for the Perfect Viewing Experience

Thanks to the widespread availability of high-definition televisions, it's never been easier to recreate the movie theater experience at home — at least on the visual front. While the latest HDTVs offer top-of-the-line visuals and crystal clear displays, they come up short when it comes to audio.

It doesn't matter how good your picture looks; without high-quality audio capabilities, you'll never realize the full potential of your home theater system or truly immerse yourself in your movies and shows. If you're not quite ready to take the plunge on a multi-tiered speaker setup with a dozen or more audio channels, there's a simple solution for your audio troubles: HiFi soundbars. When paired with HDTVs, HiFi soundbars recreate cinema-quality audio with minimal effort.

HDTV speakers come up short on audio

While most HDTV units come equipped with built-in speakers, they are woefully inadequate for supporting a serious home theater setup. It's not due to cost-cutting or laziness on the part of manufacturers, either. In order to create the high-def visuals that consumers demand, HDTV manufacturers have to sacrifice sound quality. The thin design of modern televisions leaves little room for the audio hardware needed to emit pulse-pounding, deep bass sounds that propel Hollywood action sequences.

Furthermore, most HDTVs house their audio drivers in the back of the unit, inevitably muffling the sound. Some units are designed with rear-firing speakers that are intended to bounce off the wall for better quality — but these offer mixed results, especially with televisions that are not mounted.

If you find yourself constantly forced to crank up the volume on your new HDTV, you're probably in need of a extra audio muscle.

HiFi soundbars provide high-quality audio

Incorporating a soundbar into your home theater setup is a simple, straightforward solution to this conundrum. Top sound bars can be surprisingly compact, considering the high-quality performance they offer, and are relatively easy to set up. The unit can fit snugly beneath your HDTV, making it a seamless addition to your viewing area while eliminating the need to configure multiple wired speakers.

The HEOS HomeCinema HS2 wireless soundbar is a good entry point for film fans just getting started with their home theater. Bundled with a wireless, hi-res subwoofer, the HS2 features bi-amplified mid-woofers and tweeters and supports advanced audio formats like Dolby Digital Plus and DTS decoding to create a soundscape on par with today's sophisticated movie theaters.

For those looking for even more power in their HiFi soundbar, the HEOS Bar includes options for up to six audio channels, including two wireless rear speakers for total surround sound.

HDTV manufacturers may have sacrificed sound quality in favor of visual fidelity, but that doesn't mean you have to. HEOS HiFi soundbars allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds, pairing best-in-class audio with the latest high-def displays. Find the sound bar that best fits your home theater system today.



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