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Give Your High School Grad the Gift of a Wireless Speaker

Give Your High School Grad the Gift of a Wireless Speaker

Spring is in the air, which means graduation season is just around the corner. As the nation's high school seniors get fitted for caps and gowns, their loved ones will rack their brains trying to come up with the perfect graduation gift. Rather than fall back on stale old standbys like jewelry, fancy gold-plated pens or an engraved metallic coffee mug — yes, that's a thing — consider giving a gift the high school grad in your life will actually use.

A wireless music speaker is a great present for recent graduates, whether they're heading off to college in the fall or taking their first steps into the workforce.

The gift that keeps giving all summer long

A wireless music speaker is perfect for deep-dive music enthusiasts and casual fans alike. Think of all the summer bashes your grad will attend over the next few months: barbecues, pool parties and those last hurrahs among high school friends before they set out on their own. Portable speakers like the HEOS 3 let you take your favorite music wherever you go, supplying the tunes for any get-together.

The HEOS 3 supports a wide range of popular digital music streaming services, including Spotify, Amazon Music and Pandora, so your teen can play their favorite music anytime. They can also stream music stored locally from their smartphone or mobile device.

High-quality wireless music speakers like the HEOS 3 support a variety of connectivity options, from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to wired Ethernet. Regardless of what kind of network connection is available, your grad will be dialed in to get the tunes flowing.

Because the HEOS 3 supports high-resolution audio and features dual custom full-range drives with a two-channel Class D amplifier, it's perfect for setting a festive mood when the party heads outside on the patio or backyard. It's a must-have for any summer shindig.

Perfect for that first dorm — and that first apartment

This wireless music speaker will come in handy when your teen goes off to college, too. For many people, college is a time of musical awakening as they discover new artists and explore previously unheard tracks, albums and even whole genres.

A wireless music speaker is as at home in a cramped dorm room as it is in an expansive backyard. Thanks to the built-in precision acoustical processing algorithms of the HEOS 3, your college student will be able to pick up on every musical nuance in a recording.

It’s also the perfect speaker to drive music when college is complete and they’re making those first career forays. With the help of the HEOS 3, any recent college grad can fill that first apartment with the kind of sound that makes it feel like a real home away from home. And when family and friends arrive for the housewarming toast, the HEOS app makes it easy to build custom playlists loaded with the latest hits and old favorites — there'll be something for everyone!

If you want to give a graduation gift that can be enjoyed now and for years to come, go with a wireless music speaker. HEOS speakers combine high-quality sound with incredible connectivity and convenience — just what you need from a wireless device fit for any occasion.



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