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Party Harder With These 3 HEOS Wireless Sound System Tips

Party Harder With These 3 HEOS Wireless Sound System Tips

Everyone knows music makes the party. Whether you're throwing a refined soiree, laid-back cocktail party or full-on rager, music sets the tone. When entertaining guests, you don't want to limit the festivities to one or two rooms. That's why a wireless music speaker is a must-have item for any serious host or hostess.

To keep your party jumping all night long, follow these three HEOS wireless sound system tips.

1. Sync each room with your HEOS app

The beauty of a wireless sound system that's compatible with the HEOS app is that you have complete control over the music selection and where it plays. Want to regale your guests with bass-thumping hip-hop in your den while blasting indie rock in your kitchen? Just sync your wireless speakers with the HEOS app, and it's a breeze selecting your favorite tunes for each room.Or, set up a wireless music speaker outdoors, and you'll be able to take the party outside whenever you like.

The HEOS app gives you a full overview of every room with a synced wireless speaker, packaged in an intuitive and seamless interface. You can effortlessly load songs wherever your party takes you.

2. Create the ultimate party playlist

If you're the kind of person who loves to painstakingly craft the perfect playlist, then HEOS has the wireless sound system for you. The HEOS app lets you create the party playlist of your dreams, whether you prefer rock, hip hop, metal, EDM, pop or all of the above. Throw in crowd pleasers, classic tracks or obscure deep cuts — whatever strikes your fancy.

Wireless music speakers like the HEOS 5 ensure that whatever's included on your playlist will always come through in crystal-clear high fidelity.

3. Let your friends help out

Want to give your guests some say in what makes the cut in your party playlist? The HEOS app allows for that too. Create your ultimate playlist, and let your friends throw their favorite tunes into the mix. Everyone gets a chance to add their personal touch to the party soundtrack.

You can also let people select songs for each room, so even if one track isn't your jam, you can avoid it without offending one of your guests by skipping over their pick.

HEOS wireless music speakers are a host’s best friend, providing high sound quality in a compact and mobile package. Check out the whole line of HEOS audio equipment to find the right one for you.



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