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Wireless 5.1 Surround Systems: Where Quality Meets Convenience

Wireless 5.1 Surround Systems: Where Quality Meets Convenience

It's truly the golden age of home entertainment for music and film lovers alike. Today's home theater systems provide incredible sound quality capable of creating lush sonic landscapes and immersive experiences.

Setting up complex audio systems can be challenging, though, especially for those who don't want their home theater or dedicated music listening space to be cluttered with cords. Wireless home theater speakers provide some relief, but users may find standalone units can't live up to component systems when it comes to sound quality and dimension.

Wireless 5.1 surround systems strike just the right balance between audio fidelity and convenience, especially when you want to watch movies with high-impact sound.

Wireless 5.1 surround sound provides high-quality home theater

If your goal is to enjoy a complete surround sound home theater experience without the hassle of wiring together a ton of audio equipment, a wireless 5.1 surround system is the way to go. A 5.1 setup features six distinct audio channels to completely envelop the user:

  • 2 front speakers (left/right)
  • 2 back speakers (left/right)
  • 1 center speaker unit
  • 1 subwoofer to provide deep bass

This arrangement supports thunderous audio quality for action-packed classics like Die Hard and Independence Day that's on par with component systems. Unlike wired configurations, which can be major eyesores, HEOS wireless 5.1 surround sound setups feature compact, sleek equipment that discretely accents your home's decor.

Cut out the clutter with wireless 5.1 surround systems

5.1 surround systems are the standard format for home theaters today, but most setups feature traditional, wired equipment. That means you need to run cables and cords from your AV receiver to each individual component in your listening space. For especially large areas, those crisscrossing wires can be a nuisance and detract from the aesthetics of your home.

Wireless 5.1 systems, like those supported by HEOS, clear out the clutter and provide a cord-free audio environment. Wireless 5.1 HEOS setups are available as a sound bar and subwoofer with two HEOS speakers as wireless rears to create an audio experience that surrounds you with high-fidelity music and sound. If you want to run everything through an AV receiver, you can wire up your front of room system left, right and center channel while using HEOS speakers as wireless rears and a wireless HEOS Subwoofer.

Get world-class sound quality without breaking a sweat

HEOS 5.1 AV receivers come equipped with a number of user-friendly features to make setup and everyday use a breeze:

  • Graphical user interface appears directly on your TV to guide you through menus and option screens
  • HEOS Setup Assistant takes you through the initial configuration steps to ensure your wireless system gets up and running quickly
  • The AVR-1713 remote features a streamlined design and intuitive user interface
  • The HEOS Bar provides a simple in-app setup process to get you up and running in a hurry

The combination of high-quality sound capabilities and easy setup make HEOS 5.1 wireless surround systems hard to beat. Take a look at HEOS wireless home theater speakers to find the right arrangement for you.



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