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How to Pick the Best Wireless Speakers for any Room in the House

How to Pick the Best Wireless Speakers for any Room in the House

Your music listening experience doesn't need to be confined to any one room. Wireless multi-room audio systems let you enjoy your favorite artists, albums and songs from anywhere in the house. You can listen while relaxing in the den, cooking dinner in the kitchen or hosting guests on the back patio.

No two rooms will present the same audio environment. Your spacious, open-floor living room has far different acoustics than a cramped kitchen or bedroom. With so many variables to consider, audiophiles need to take special care to match the right speaker to its space. A little planning and forethought is all you need to pick the best wireless speakers for any room in the house.

Room size and space matter

To begin, map out your wireless multi-room audio system and consider how big each room is. Large, open environments require more audio muscle to fill the space without losing fidelity or sonic depth, while tight confines do just fine with smaller, subtler speakers.

Since big spaces need meatier speaker systems, the best wireless speakers for these environments have multiple drivers, a subwoofer, mid-woofers and precision tweeters, as well as passive radiators to augment the bass. Keep an eye out for speakers with "Class D" digital amplification, which guarantees the widest dynamic range possible with minimal distortion while playing your favorite tunes. There's nothing worse than listening to an under-powered speaker strain to fill a large room.

Sound for small spaces

If you want to set up a wireless speaker on your bedside table or kitchen counter, you don't need something with all the sonic bells and whistles. Instead, aim for a device that provides a more balanced, smooth soundscape. Wireless speakers with dual-active, wide-range drivers offer more than enough power to capture a soundstage suited to your space.

Convenience may also be a factor to consider — if you’re listening while cooking dinner, you don't want to handle your phone or tablet with messy hands. That’s why the best wireless speakers for that use case is actually a smart speaker that can support hands-free playback through a virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa. Select HEOS wireless smart speakers now work with Amazon Alexa, letting you speak your commands while you listen. Just say, “Alexa, play John Lennon from Pandora in the kitchen” or “Alexa, pause Jazz from iHeartRadio.”

Match the room decor

The aesthetics of a wireless speaker should be taken into consideration, too. Your speaker should seamlessly blend into the environment and match your tastes, regardless of what room you’re listening in. Technology should outlive trends, so opt for a timeless look that will have longevity in your home. A wireless speaker with a sleek design and equally sophisticated driver system will suit most spaces, and though an internal subwoofer won't be necessary for all rooms, a multi-driver speaker system will capture the best sound possible.

Regardless of which rooms you plan to include in your wireless multi-room audio system, HEOS has everything you need to create the perfect in-home music environment.



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