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Voice Recognition Takes Your Audio Experience to the Next Level

Voice Recognition Takes Your Audio Experience to the Next Level

Audiophiles are constantly looking for a seamless music listening experience, but it often feels like there are too many steps to get your music ready to play. Whether it's needing to flip over an LP, click over to the right playlist in iTunes or jump to a specific Pandora station, there's always been a manual element to playing your music. By pairing voice recognition devices like Amazon's Alexa with multi-room wireless speakers from HEOS, however, you can finally get that seamless, hands-free listening experience from any location in your house.

Play what you want, when you want

Virtual assistants like Alexa give you total control over your music listening experience without ever needing to lift a finger. Once configured with a HEOS wireless audio system, voice recognition devices let you play your favorite music on command. No need to scroll through playlists to find certain songs or comb through your record collection searching for that one David Bowie album you're looking for — just say, "Alexa, play Hunky Dory.’” Then get ready to hear the opening of "Changes" emitting from your HEOS speaker.

You can even ask Alexa for information on a particular track. Let's say you're listening to New Order's Pandora station, and a song you've never heard before comes on. Instead of turning to your phone or PC to see who the artist is, you can just ask Alexa.

Enjoy the hands-free experience throughout your entire home

One of the benefits of pairing your voice recognition device with HEOS speakers — beyond the significant upgrade in audio quality — is the ability to listen to music from any room in your house. If you have a wireless multi-room audio system, each speaker can be designated a specific name — like, "Kitchen," "Porch," or "Basement," for example. That way, you can instruct your virtual assistant to play songs only through certain speakers. You can even pause music in one room and then resume in another.

For more information on how to set up a voice recognition device like Amazon Alexa with HEOS speakers, be sure to check out our video below. It's a breeze:


The best part to all of this is that HEOS wireless audio equipment provides everything you need to create a truly cord- and hands-free listening experience. So, what are you waiting for? Start listening!



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