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No More Tangles: 3 Cord Management Hacks You Need to Know

No More Tangles: 3 Cord Management Hacks You Need to Know

No matter how advanced your home stereo system is or how much money you've invested in the latest high-quality speakers, one thing’s for certain: Messy cord tangles don’t have to be part of the equation. Cord tangles can quickly become the bane of any audiophile’s existence, cluttering the homes and distracting from an impressive sound system. So, take a look at our three cord management hacks to handle those tangles in a hurry.

1. Condense cable sprawl with a cord organizer

Cord networks can get out of hand when setting up a home audio system, since you can have cables running from AV receivers and speakers spread throughout a single entire room, or even the entire house.

The key is to streamline it all by condensing cables into manageable bunches with cord organizers. They come in a variety of styles, but some of the most popular are sleeves that can hold multiple cords at a time. Simply tuck those wrapped up cables behind a piece of furniture, and you can enjoy your listening space without looking at messy cords or constantly worrying that you’re going to trip over them.

There are even some DIY options out there, ranging from the straightforward (bundling cords with zip ties) to the absurd (confining them to a roll of toilet paper). Of course, none of those options are particularly elegant, so a cord organizer may be the best solution for the style-conscious music lovers out there.

2. Use cable shorteners to get the right length

Nothing's worse than buying a cable that's too short for the job at hand — but having a cord that's far longer than necessary is a close second that quickly becomes an eyesore.

You don't need to be an electrician to shorten those cables and get them down to the right size, though. Plus, cordlets allow you to place those trimmed down cables in a fixed position. They can adhere to just about any surface, so you can get pretty creative using whatever little nook or cranny is available to stash away your cords. Simply run the cable to the proper length and then pinch it into place within the cordlet.

One important thing to keep in mind is to try and avoid running your cables underneath a rug or carpet. It may hide your cords from view, but the steady beating they'll take could hurt your speaker performance over time.

3. Remove those cords altogether

Wireless networks are fully capable of streaming music without skipping a beat, provided you have the right equipment in place. Wireless HiFi speakers are easy to set up, can reach any room in your house and, best of all, completely eliminate the need for complicated cord arrangements.

No more errant cables to trip over or bundled cords to hide underneath the couch. After a quick and easy setup, sit back and enjoy listening to your favorite music from any room in your house. It's an elegant solution fit for the modern home.

If you're ready to say goodbye to those tangled messes of cables forever, take a look at HEOS wireless speakers. We have something for everyone.



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