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3 Ways to Optimize Wi-Fi for Your Wireless Multi-Room Audio System

3 Ways to Optimize Wi-Fi for Your Wireless Multi-Room Audio System

Thanks to wireless speakers and stereo systems, audiophiles can listen to their favorite music in any room throughout the house. The only thing standing in the way of seamless music playback is the strength of your Wi-Fi signal.

To work around this problem, consider these three options to boost your signal and get the very best out of your wireless multi-room audio system:

1. Router location is everything

Like speaker placement, the performance of your wireless router will be impacted by its location. Before you go out and replace your existing router with a more expensive option, try moving it to a better location first. The key is to find a centralized position where the signal will have the farthest reach, according to Digital Trends. Even something as seemingly trivial as elevating the router by a couple of feet can have a dramatic effect on your home Wi-Fi.

2. Check your frequency

When you first set up your wireless router, you'll probably default to its preconfigured frequency and channel. However, in the race to get your wireless network up and running as fast as possible, you're probably hurting Wi-Fi performance.

If you have a dual-band router, it may be configured to the widely used 2.4GHz band right out of the box. By sticking with 2.4 GHz, you're essentially competing for space with other people in your area. A simple switch over to 5 GHz will provide some breathing room.

Likewise, there are several wireless channels to choose from, but many routers are configured to use the same two or three. That can get pretty crowded if your network shares the same channel as your neighbors. Consult a Wi-Fi heat map to see which channels are available nearby and select one that isn't in use.

3. Signal repeaters add extra muscle

When all else fails, supplement your Wi-Fi router with a signal repeater to extend its reach into other areas of the house. Signal repeaters essentially amplify your existing Wi-Fi signal, providing far more coverage.

There are many options available to boost a weak Wi-Fi signal. Once you’ve got that covered, count on HEOS wireless audio products to get the best sound quality possible.



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