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10 Ways to Master 2016

10 Ways to Master 2016

Here we are at the beginning of another new year, can you believe it? The New Year always inspires people to start fresh and set resolutions - like maybe shedding a few pounds and finally breaking out that six-pack from the keg you’ve been carrying around your midsection. However, resolutions are often hard to keep and by February they’re typically pushed to the back of your mind as you reach for another slice of pizza. Instead of setting long-term New Year’s resolutions this year, we’re challenging ourselves, and you, to take on the 10 things below so you can completely master 2016.

​​1. Steer clear of this year’s “trendy” diet. ​​​

​​Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Mediterranean—trendy diets come and go and jumping on the bandwagon of these diet fads will likely only leave you hangry and craving what you can’t have. There’s sure to be a diet (or diets) that will become the talk of 2016, but, whatever it is, remember there’s only one diet that never goes out of style—one full of well-balanced meals and loads of nutrients.


​2. Know your way around your speaker system.

It’s not rocket science, but some speaker systems out there make it seem like getting high quality sound throughout your house requires a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Luckily, HEOS allows for an easy, wireless setup with straightforward directions that only requires your thumbs and maybe an index finger.



3. Learn how to give CPR and the Heimlich.

​Ever dream of being a superhero when you were growing up? Make 2016 th​​e year you equip yourself with the ability to possibly become one. While we hope you never have the need to practice these lifesaving maneuvers, it’s always good to know you can be counted on in a time of crises. Find classes near you and make it a goal to become certified this year.

​4. Know who you’re voting for (and why).

2016 is a big one for America. Generally, political conversation isn’t polite, but it’s important to understand what issues are being discussed and what you will do when it comes time to vote. Aside from keeping your tabs on who the presidential candidates are and what they stand for, you should familiarize yourself with information regarding voting dates (primaries and general), debate schedules, polling places, and the propositions that will be on your ballot this fall. Not only will you be confident when you step into that voters’ booth, you’ll be able to school anyone who may be confused on the issues (those props can be dubious). 

​5. Back it up.

Don’t risk your chances of losing all the memories you made and work you did in 2015 by forgetting this simple task. Software like Apple’s Time Machine or cloud technologies like Google Drive make backing up your computer a menial and painless process. Or, if you’re more of a tangible person, get yourself an external hard drive.

​6. Always make the perfect playlist.

From the best road-trip mixes, work jams, exercise playlists and tunes to play during your next dinner party, curating the perfect vibe for any occasion is skill that your friends will covet. Our four tips for making an impeccable playlist every time:

  • Know your audience & venue
  • Mix it up
  • ​Share it out
  • Memorialize great times with a great playlist

​​​​Need some inspiration? Follow us on Spotify!

7. Download these timesavers.

Sure, having an
endless amount of entertainment in your pocket is one of the greatest aspects of owning a smartphone. But, how about having a right-hand man in your right hand, man? Check out these free and practical apps that’ll save you time so you can get back to doing what you want to do – even if that includes a lot of nothing​

  • ​​ Inside offers concise summaries of top headlines and news stories circulating the web, easily customizable and curated by professional journalists
  • Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep schedule by monitoring your movement during sleep cycles and wakes you up at the optimal time to ensure that you’ll feel rested and ready for your day 
  • TaskRabbit will help connect you to people who can handle all of the chores you don’t want to do – they’ll even help you move, that’s more than some friends will do for you​​
  • IF/IFTTT allows you to connect applications and programs on your devices – post a recipe photo you like on Instagram, this service will save the recipe to your Dropbox
  • Venmo connects your bank account to conveniently make payments to friends who are also users – no more scrambling for cash to split checks

8. Pick a timeless suit.

No matter what year it is, a well-tailored suit has the ability to make any man look like a mogul. This year, find the suit that suits you and have it tailored so you’ll be prepared to look prim and proper all year.


​9. Fold a shirt in 2 seconds.

How is this not taught in schools? It’s completely genius! Laundry is never fun, but with this folding hack, it can at least be done quickly, decreasing chore-time by a tenfold (pun intended).

10. Show your national pride during the Olympics.

From hosting a Rio-themed party, to heading out on an Olympic Pub Crawl, to sitting at home with kids and rooting on your fellow countrymen and women, the 2016 Olympics this summer is sure to provide entertainment and upsets – just like always.

Whatever you’re most excited for this year, we hope 2016 is filled with good vibes and great music. Play on, friends!




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