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A Playlist for Every Room in Your House

A Playlist for Every Room in Your House

Press Play on this Holiday Season​

The holiday season is alive and in full-swing: winter vacation plans have overrun the calendar; ugly sweaters adorned with multi-colored cotton balls have emerged from the deepest recesses of your closet; shopping malls have been decorated with fantastically oversized trees and ornaments (how did they even install those bohemiths?!). However, we know that it’s not just the things of the season that get you into the holiday spirit, in the same way that it’s not just the physical spaces that you occupy that make you feel at home. With that in mind, we’ve created some playlists that stir up the perfect holiday vibe to enjoy throughout your home, to reflect those intangible experiences and accentuate everything you love about this season. ​

Festoon Your Family Room​

Whether you’re throwing a classy holiday party or having the relatives over for a visit, the family room is the perfect space for laughter and reconnections. With your favorite people by your side, enjoy the light-hearted and fun holiday playlist below as you gather ’round the fireplace or assemble the artificial tree (it definitely looks real, no worries).

If you’d rather collaborate a little more on the tunage, invite your guests to download the HEOS app and add the holidays songs they love (you can get inspiration from this holiday playlist that isn’t totally lame). ​


​Get as Snug as a Bug in Your Bedroom

More than just a space to sleep in every night, your bedroom is your private haven in which to unwind, recharge and just be still. As the weather turns chilly, bust out those fleece-lined house slippers you received last year​, settle down with a good cup of hot cocoa (extra marshmallows—you deserve it), and bury yourself in a down comforter. If you’re feeling really festive, pull out your HEOS app and download this dreamy playlist.

Create a Classy Kitchen Vibe

If ever there was a time of year to dust off the pots and pans, fire up the burners, and slip into the ole reliable sweat pants, the holiday season is the perfect one. Ramp up your kitchen’s flavors as you make the songs on this jazzy playlist your holiday cooking anthems.


Put Together Office Ornamentation

Stuck at the office still tying up loose ends before you can go on your holiday break? No problem—we’ve curated the perfect soothing playlist to turn your office environment into a peaceful holiday sphere that will encourage productivity and boost the mood for yourself and colleagues (disclaimer: joint hum-alongs may or may not ensue).

Want to create more of an office-holiday-party vibe? Turn up the playlist below and sit back and wait to see which of your ​coworkers can really bust a move.

The benefit of having a HEOS speaker in every room of your home? You can have each playlist running in their designated rooms—all at the same time!

However you’re spending the holidays, we wish you a merry celebration as you disconnect from all the noise that comes with the time of year and connect instead with the music of the season.



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