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4 HEOS Questions, Answered.

4 HEOS Questions, Answered.

Have questions about HEOS speakers and their performance? We’re here to answer them. While we’ve posted many of the answers to some of the frequently asked questions on our site, and you can get in touch with us via email or by giving us a ring at 855-499-2820, we wanted to give you a quick glance at the answers to some of the most important questions we hear. To get to the bottom of each of these questions, we put our Product Manager, Paul Belanger; Vice President of Training in The Americas, Jeff Cowan; and Corporate Customer Service Representative, Greg McCann, all in a room together to get you the most accurate responses. Hold on to your hats, folks.

​​1. Are HEOS products easy to install? ​​​

​​In a word? Yes. Yes, each product in the HEOS product line is extremely easy to install.

​Typical concerns Belanger hears are usually about how hard it is to get a HEOS product up on a home network, what’s needed in order to get HEOS up and running, or how hard the app is to download, navigate and connect with a unit. Our experts’ answers to each of those concerns – don’t be concerned. Each step along the setup process - no matter if you’re plugging in one speaker, or installing a whole-home full – is extremely easy and doable for anyone. Plus, like we mentioned before, we’re always ​available for questions to make sure your setup goes smoothly. We hope that’s music to your ears.


​2. Are HEOS products reliable? ​


Yup, unless you’re in the middle of changing up your soundtrack, or adding some songs to the party playlist, once your HEOS system is installed, you’ll never have to think about it again. From the DIY configuration you set up yourself, to a full custom install​, once HEOS speakers are set up for the best possible sound, that’s what they’ll continue to deliver. There’s no need for readjusting wires, rearranging shelves to make adjustments to the speakers, or replacing batteries. Remember, Denon has over 100 years of product devel​opment under our belt – we’ve been doing this for just a little while.

Bonus – in case something completely out of the ordinary happens and we can’t troubleshoot a problem for you via the phone (and, we pretty much are able to fix anything for you), you have a warranty you can use as a backup. See, we told you you’d be able to rest easy.


​3. What services or third party integrations are available?

HEOS​ continually updates our products to bring you the best listening experience we can. A few integrations we’d like to point out are:

Our supported streaming services

We’re continually adding new music services to our repertoire based on performance and demand, and have added the following to the HEOS app as of now:

Available Third Party Integration

The HEOS platform supports open third party control API, meaning that any third party control system can be made compatible. What’s that really mean? Well, if you have a whole home remote control you need to add your music system on, you can.


​4. Why are HEOS products better?​


We’ll just leave that quote about HEOS from TechGuySmartBuy right here for you to ponder. But, really, here at HEOS, we ​​​​spend an immense amount of time perfecting the quality of our speakers – both what’s contained within and the style without. We quite literally have people on our team whose entire job it is to sit in rooms and listen to our speakers to ensure the quality is spot on – every time.

Another factor we think that sets us apart? While we do have some “expert audiophiles” on staff, we know all you audiophiles out there reading this have some amazing ideas when it comes to speaker setup and configurations. Case and point: we heard the demand for a whole home multi-zone amp, so we made our 4-zone audio distribution system (complete with Class D, 8 channel amplifier, 8 channels of Class D amplification) all housed in a single chassis. If you had concerns about hooking up multiple speakers with proper ventilation before, you need to no longer, the HEOS Drive is here for you.


And, there you have it! Some of the most frequently asked questions our team hears about HEOS. Do you have some of your own? Check out our FAQ page or send us a message on Facebook.

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