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Get Schooled in HEOS Sound

Get Schooled in HEOS Sound

​​Are you ready to have a little music history dropped on you? With the music industry and sound technology always in flux, we wanted to dip into what changes have happened in the past and how Denon, the company that makes HEOS, has been able to ride the waves of change – while never letting the experience of our products waver.

So, let’s take a high-lev​​el trip through some of the biggest evolutions in the at-home music industry to see how Denon has ended up here – with the HEOS family of products​.



​Unlike a lot of other major brands, Denon has been able to move through all of these industry stages, while always remaining relevant, creating top of the line products and delivering immersive music experiences. But, let’s get real. What makes our products sound as good as they do? We’ll break it down for you:




​While Denon has a lengthy legacy in electronics by creating AVRs and other electronic components to support the music experience, HEOS brings an entire acoustic aspect into the mix. Since electronic components play on passive speakers, there is an element of chance when the two pieces come together. However, being powered speakers, HEOS has much more control with how the internal electronics work and react, with the rest of the system. What’s that mean to you? Since HEOS speakers control everything to do with your music-listening experiences, we’ve got it under control.


In addition to guys who have been in the biz for decades, our Sound Design Department is pretty legit. Members of this team, called Sound Managers, are tasked with listening to new technologies, new music formats, and every HEOS and Denon product, thus approving every product based on their fine-tuned hearing. Their knowledge of audio tests and specifications, coupled with their golden ears can force hardware changes to products, teaks, and other changes until what they hear is, as Goldilocks said, juuuust right.


Obviously technology is a huge portion of this equation and we could keep you here all day and night detailing out what’s going on inside the chassis of a HEOS product, but there are a few key elements that our VP of Product Development, Brendon Stead, shared with us that are KEY to making HEOS sound as they do.

  1. Complete Audio DSP Tuning Capabilities. The DSPs with HEOS can change the design envelope by looking ahead to predict acoustic signals that are coming and help to rearrange the system so your music doesn’t become distorted.

  2. Limiters and Compressors. What help to make real acoustic signals (like the crazy hi-hat action in Black Sabbath’s Wicked World​) smaller, while still making them sound good as they come through your speaker.

  3. Consumer Grade Signal Processors by Waves.​​​​ Gives HEOS speakers professional grade ​technology at an affordable price to ensure the purest sound.

The absolute best thing about all that technology? When you sit back to listen to your speaker, you don’t even know it is happening, you just know your music sounds amazing.


Technology isn’t all you need, though - you remember Bitcoin, right? You need a solid company built on tradition and an understanding of sound and multi-media. At Denon, we’ve been producing sound-related products for over 100 years. During that time we’ve curated a culture of audiophiles whose pure passions lie in always wanting to be the best, explore the newest options, and continually push the envelope.

Well, we hope you enjoyed that trip through time and music, and that we’ve given you a little bit of information to process about our process. Still have questions for our team? Feel free to tweet them to us​!


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