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8 Binge-Worthy Television Shows for Your Summer Enjoyment

8 Binge-Worthy Television Shows for Your Summer Enjoyment

​Summertime means warm days, balmy nights and the urge to get outside​ and have some fun. But, after a few weekends packed to the brim with summer fun, sometimes you need a break. Hey, needing a vacation from your vacation only means you did it right.


So, what should you do if you’re experie​​​​​​ncing the summertime blues? Binge watch some amazing shows – that’s what. Gear up your Netflix and make some space on your DVR, becaus​e h​ere are our 8 binge-worthy television shows for your summertime enjoyment:


1. True Detective

With one whole season available for immediate binge-watching (the 8 episodes are perfect for a day spent stationed on the couch), this HBO series just launched its second season in the early summer of 2015. While each season introduces a new set of cast members and plot, recognizable actors in this crime drama include Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Monaghan, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Vince Vaughn.


2. Orange is the New Black

You’ve definitely heard people making plans to meet up for watch-parties of OITNB, but if you didn’t know what those letters stood for, or aren’t yet watching, you’re apparently more cutoff from the outside world than the ladies locked up in Litchfield Penitentiary. Full of sass and somewhat dark humor, this Netflix original has 3 seasons available for streaming – just enough to get you hooked for the fourth, already scheduled to premiere in 2016.


3. Ray Donovan

In its third season, Ray Donovan is LA’s “fixer” – no matter your problem, he (aka Liev Schreiber) can fix it – but, to keep it interesting, he’ll make sure there are as many fight scenes and car chases as possible. Definitely not a kid-friendly show, you’ll appreciate how Donovan tries to navigate the murky waters of the messes of LA’s elite, while dealing with his own family drama (sure we can all relate). Want to get a taste of what you’re in for before committing to a week’s worth of staying up until 3am to catch up on the last two seasons? Watch the video below.



4. Ballers

We’re smelling what The Rock is cooking in this HBO series, mixing two things we love keeping an eye on – sports and business. Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) is a former football player who now is taking younger players under his wing to direct them through the business side of professional sports. In relatively short (for HBO) episodes, you can expect to breeze through the 30-minute episodes already released in a morning – perfect for a late breakfast of pancakes and Bloody Mary’s (we’re assuming that’s what pro-football players eat on their off-days).


5. Running Wild with Bear Grylls

What happens when you let the epitome of an outdoorsman take the likes of Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Michelle Rodriguez and Drew Brees out of Hollywood and drop them straight into a 48-hour stint of pure wilderness? This show. Peruse NBC On Demand or Hulu to catch up on last season and be sure to record this season, starting July 13th. 


6. Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll

We’re, of course, waiting on the edge of our seats for this July 16th premiere on FX– music is kind of our thing after all. Denis Leary plays the lead singer of the fictional band, “The Heathens,” who, after 25 years (and one amazing hair-do) later are back in the studio, with a new lead singer, to work out another album and a ton of problems they left back in the 90’s.


7. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

If you couldn’t get enough of the 2001 cult classic comedy – you’re in luck. The entire original cast of Wet Hot American Summer are packing up their bags and heading back to Camp Firewood for this prequel. Be sure to block off your calendar on July 31st (Maybe take the day off work? Not that we really condone that) because all episodes will be available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. 


8. Seinfeld

And, of course, if there happens to be any moment of the summer that you find yourself without something streaming on your television, revisit one of the greatest sitcoms of all-time. Hulu is now streaming THE. ENTIRE. SEINFELD. SERIES. You’re welcome. We’ll see you in a few weeks.



Now that you have your planner filled with important “dates” and “meetings” and you can’t possibly attend another summer BBQ or plan another playdate with your children and the neighbor kid, make sure your binge-watching-station (aka your couch, television, lighting and sound) are all ready to perform at their best. Have a snack station ready (chips and dip pair perfectly with any show previously listed) and bump up the volume. 


We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but as televisions have become flatter and flatter, so has the sound. To help with that, we’ve introduced the HEOS HomeCinema – a soundbar and wireless subwoofer combo meant to enhance the sound coming from your TV without all of the installment hassle of setting up a whole home entertainment system (you do have shows you need to get back to watching, after all). 


A few reasons this set up is ideal:

  • The movie and music modes let you toggle and choose the best audio performance for movies and music – just in case you step away to replenish your snacks and want to turn on some tunes so you don’t miss any action.

  • TV sound can be distributed throughout the HEOS home ecosystem, so even if you need to go be sous chef in the kitchen, you won’t miss a beat of your show’s action while chopping.

  • Night Mode lets you listen at reduced volume levels, letting you enjoy the full range audio experience without disturbing other family members. Helllooooo, binge-watching all-nighters!

  • Exclusive Virtual Surround uses advanced psycho-acoustic DSP processing algorithms to deliver an immersive surround sound experience, without the need for external speakers.




There you have it. What (and how) we’ll be watching this summer. Tell us in a tweet – what show do you think is a must-watch this season?


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