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It’s Our Party & We’ll Jam If We Want To

It’s Our Party & We’ll Jam If We Want To

​Happy birthday to us! 

It's officially been one year since the release of our first HEOS products and to celebrate we’re inviting you to party like it’s your birthday​ – we sure will be.​​

What do we have to celebrate? Quite a bit! Over the last year, take a look at what our team created so we could deliver the ultimate multi-room sound system to you:

  • ​HEOS 7. The biggest speaker in the HEOS line to date includes two custom tweeters & mid-woofers.
  • HEOS 5. Our mid-size model which contains two mid-woofers and a passive radiator powered by 4 dedicated Class-D amplifiers. 
  • HEOS 3. Compact and pair perfectly to form a stereo pair.
  • HEOS Extend. Helps to improve your wireless network so music streaming through your HEOS is never interrupted.  
  • HEOS Amp & Link. Knowing that you may want to bring HEOS functionality to your current home audio system, these products were developed to bring high quality wireless sound to your home.
  • HEOS 1 & HEOS 1 Go Pack. You asked for completely wireless, portable quality sound so we delivered it!
  • HEOS HomeCinema​. The latest addition to the HEOS family which delivers dramatic sound from your favorite TV shows and movies to any room of your house.
  • An ever growing list of supported music services, which includes iHeartRadio, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, TuneIn, SiriusXM, and Tidal – with even more i​n the works!


You see, we have quite a few reasons to celebrate our accomplishments this year and we hope when your birthday rolls around, you do too. So, whether you decide to celebrate your (or our) birthday in a drawn-out (but totally deserved) week-long celebration, jet set off​ to some far off destination or just stay home and eat an entire cake by yourself, here are some tips on throwing the ultimate bday bash: 

Make an epic birthday party playlist

Too busy celebrating to make your own? No worries, we’ve done the searching for you and now all you need to do is download this Spotify birthday playlist​ to your HEOS app so you can start jamming.

Give yourself a killer present

Don’t settle for restaurant gift cards or a tie. Use this as an opportunity to purchase that item you’ve been yearning for that’s been sitting in your online cart for months now. Or, dare we say it, add another speaker to your HEOS family​ and fill every room with music.


For real, calories, “wasted” hours and a few extra dollars don’t count on birthdays*. Have that extra slice of birthday cake, press play a few extra times on your video game (and turn up the sound on your HomeCinema), or splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime concert ticket. 

*Ok, these things technically count no matter what day it is, you will see those extra calories hit your waistline and those extra dollars hit your bank account, so maybe don’t go too crazy. 

Click here to tweet​ a happy birthday wish if you plan on celebrating with us. And thank you to all those who have come along for the ride this year, stay tuned to see what another year will bring us! Play on, friends. ​


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