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Story Time with HEOS: 8 Podcasts & Kindle Audiobooks to Play

Story Time with HEOS: 8 Podcasts & Kindle Audiobooks to Play

​Pour yourself a nice cup of tea, coffee or whiskey sour and curl up with your HEOS. You can! And you should.

Of course, HEOS delivers excellent sound​ for listening to music. But did you realize that the same expertise that makes listening to music so amazing also makes listening to books and podcasts incredible, too?

Imagine filling your home with the mellifluous voice of Johnny Depp reading Keith Richards’ bio, Life​. Or, doing your chores, going from room to room, never missing one riveting second of NPR’s now-classic podcast, Serial​


The HEOS App is now available on Kindle Fire, so you have access to thousands of great books, no matter your taste. Since the iPod came out a decade ago, audiobooks have been the comeback kid of literary formats. “Talking books” were first introduced in the 1930’s, mostly to help those with visual disabilities, but weren’t sold for mass consumption until the 1950’s using LP (you probably know this stands for long-playing) records. One novel typically spanned 10 LPs. Now, the only time we have to pay attention to audio player is to check on a text message or an email –audio continues, regardless. 

Here are a few audiobooks we think you’ll like: 

  • ​​Freakonomics by Steve Levitt. ​​Atypical economist Steve D. Levitt shares riddles of everyday life, from what schoolteachers and sumo wrestlers have in common to exploring whether a gun or swimming pool is more dangerous. Hear his out-of-the-box solutions for everyday questions. 
  • What the Most Successful People Do For Breakfast, by Laura Vanderkam. Time management expert Vanderkam gives you guidance on making over your morning routine. Use those early hours to score victories and build habits for a happier, more productive life.
  • Here, There & Everywhere, Narrated by Martin Jarvis. Follow an insider’s exclusive look at how generation-defining musicians come into their own.
  • Revolution, Written and Narrated by Russell Brand. British Comedian Russell Brand wants YOU to join the revolution. We all know the system isn't working, and we are told there's nothing we can do, "It's just the way things are." Hear a different perspective.


Or, if you prefer something chattier, these podcast series may be just the thing:

  • ​This American Life. Hear eye-opening stories about everyday people. From a group of high-security inmates putting on a play, to thro​wback stories from summer camp, This American Life is perfect for those who love random knowledge.​​
  • PointlessListen to a cohort of fun and clever guests cover topics from tech startup fails, to weird Twitter interactions, and the rave scene—none of it with a particular point. 
  • Good Beer HuntingA chronicle of experiences from Michael Kiser as he collaborates with artful brewers and watches the craft brew industry explosion happen firsthand. Don’t miss this awesome, underground podcast.
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class. Didn't pay attention in history class, but love to be able to drop random facts in any situation and conversation? Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class. 

Whether you have a HEOS 3, 5 or 7, download the new HEOS app for Kindle Fire and ditch the music for an evening. Did we skip your favorite audiobook or podcast? Tell us on Twitter​.



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