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Plug into HEOS. Get lots out of it.

Plug into HEOS. Get lots out of it.

​If you’re thinking about purchasing a HEOS speaker​, you should start thinking about all the amazing features each one includes.  HEOS is way more than just a pretty face. It’s even more than “just” a flawless music speaker. It’s a smart, sophisticated platform that gives you options and more options. Don’t take our word for it; we’re sharing quotes from Sound & Vision magazine throughout this post.

​“You can start a system with any single one of them…an incredibly logical collection of products.” 

Style it.

Want to move the party into another room? Grab HEOS 5 by its handle and get going. Portability is a possibility – just unplug, grab & set up in any new room you want to make beautiful music in. If you’re a decorating fanatic or even just a serial house rearranger, HEOS 3 is your speaker—you can stand it up or lay it down, you can set up two speakers to make a stereo pair, and you can even mount them on the wall. Then just work your décor magic around it—it will fit in anywhere. Want the best configurations? Check this out​.

“Since the orientation has a big effect on the sound, there’s a setting in the HEOS app to select the proper equalization curve for horizontal or vertical operation.” 

Play with it.

The HEOS App is super intuitive, easy to use with drag-and-drop functionality, oh, and it’s FREE, by the way. It can even take you from house to house party in just one move. The “pinch to party” feature allows you to group all your speakers together for whole-house playback from one source or playlist with just a quick pinch on the screen. Big-sound bonus – you can sync up to eight speakers to play the same content and up to 32 speakers can be on the same WiFi at one time. If you get that many HEOS playing, we want to be at that party!

​“You can group rooms on this page simply by dragging and dropping the icon for one room onto another room or group of rooms. After selecting a room or rooms, you navigate to the Music page to choose what you want to listen to.” 

​Connect with it.

Want to listen in a private musical sanctuary all your own? Get your headphones and plug right into HEOS 7 and lose yourself. All HEOS speakers have Aux input so you can add a Bluetooth®, apple airplay, play-fi receiver or a classic Denon turntable. Did you know you can even connect up to 32 devices to your HEOS system? Let that sink in and check out its backside​.

“The HEOS 7 is powerful, with a tremendous sound-stage. In fact, there’s little about this speaker to find fault in.”

​Relax with it.

The HEOS system is pretty spectacular, but it’s also easy. There are no special requirements or proprietary protocols. All you need is your home’s wireless. Setup takes, literally, minutes. The only thing left to do is listen. And love it.

​“HEOS uses your home’s standard Wi-Fi (dual-band 802.11n) or Ethernet network and can stream music files from DLNA- compliant devices, such as NAS drives or computers.” 



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