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Speaker Setup Scenarios: Custom Install vs DIY

Speaker Setup Scenarios: Custom Install vs DIY

​You know you want a wireless home audio system, you know HEOS​ is the product that’s right for you (with 100 years of sound engineering​ behind the company, how could they not be?!), but, what you may not know is how these speakers should be installed in your home. 

So, if you’re currently feeling a little unsure of how to set up your HEOS speakers, read on and see the two installation options that are available for you based on your personality.

What’s Your Setup Style? 

Want a Wingman

If you don't mind shelling out a bit to get something done and get it done right, you should…

Dedicated to DIY

If you're ready to take it on yourself, you should…


Call the professionals, sit back & relax:​


You got this! Se​e how:

​1. After you find the custom installer you want to work with, they’ll do a walkthrough of your home and tell you exactly what system and speakers are right for you. Feel free to grab a cocktail while they work!

​1. You know what your house looks like – you don’t need someone to tell you what rooms you want sweet music in (hint: it’s all of them).

​2. If you want to incorporate your current music system into your new wireless one, no worries, it’ll happen.

​2, You may not have all the specs memorized (yet), but you can quickly figure out which HEOS products are right for each room in your home by reading this and watching a few videos

​3. Whether your house has 1 room or 30, your custom installer will know where to place a HEOS 7, HEOS 5 or HEOS 3. All you need to decide is if you want white or black.

​3. ​When we say that speaker set up can be done in 3 easy steps, we’re not lying…seriously! If you don’t believe us, take a look at this (or just read your owner’s manual).

4. Expecting the best sound? You’ll get it! Your custom installer will know where and how to set up each HEOS product to maximize sound quality. 

4. Have questions? We’re here to help! Check out our FAQs page, leave us a comment on Facebook, or Tweet us.

​5. The only thing easier than setting up HEOS speakers yourself, is not setting them up yourself. Try streaming some new music while you wait – or take a little vacation

​6, With pretty much no effort from you, your house is now equipped to sound AMAZING – everywhere!

​7. Finally, your installer will be sure to teach you the ins-and-outs of your new HEOS system and answer all your questions. ​​

So, what’s your setup style? Share it by clicking to tweet one of the messages below!​


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