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4 Ways to Bring Spring Break Home

4 Ways to Bring Spring Break Home

​Not a college kid? Not a problem.​

If two mid-winter weeks of mindless fun and sun are no longer age-appropriate for you, well, congrats on making grown-up choices. But adulthood may not stop you from occasionally longing for the days of overcrowded hotel rooms, packed beaches and all-day happy-hour drink specials. It’s a little rite of passage known as Spring Break, and if you can’t revisit the scene, we have some ideas about how to bring some of the most popular Spring Break destinations right to you.


Then: Vegas pool parties and crazy people watching were the highlight of this Spring Break. The only gambling you’d really do was betting on how many night clubs you could get into. 

Now: If the kids don’t have a blow-up pool, they’re getting one. Create your own swim-up bar with a tray table and some quality whiskey.  Know when to hold ‘em, fold ‘em, etc. Be sure to flirt with your significant other, this is Spring Break; you want to get some attention from the opposite sex, right?

​Your Vegas-Style Spring Break playlist:


Then: It was your first time out of the country. The weather was absolutely perfect and there was beer—everywhere. You danced, you ziplined, you threw up (see: beer), and you never did find out how you sprained your ankle.

Now: Great news, all countries, have beer! Invite some friends, get some of those beers, fill a few buckets with ice and bottles and kick back on a blanket in the sun. After dark, trade your cerveza for a margarita and dance until the sun comes up. And remember, no sprain, no pain.

​Your Puerto Vallarta-Style playlist:


Then: Hot afternoons, sultry nights and a city full of beautiful people were the status quo. Your tan was ri-dic-u-lous, and you never missed a rooftop party.

Now: Grill some shrimp and sip a mojito as the red sun sets. Splurge on a new bathing suit and a spray tan—this will be your uniform for a couple of days. No, you probably aren’t in the same shape as you were then. It only makes us love you more (you can get back into your workout routine after this “vacation”). Remember to stay off the roof this time around.

​Your Miami-Style Spring Break playlist:


Then: You and 15 of your friends got into someone’s car and took the ultimate road trip to the greatest beach party in Daytona. You drove on the beach and made once-in-a-lifetime memories while wearing cut-off jeans. ​​

Now: Fill the car with friends and turn on the radio. Air conditioning is cheating. If the garage is too tight, roll on out to the end of the driveway for optimal viewing. Use your charcoal grill to make tailgate fish tacos. Hey, that cutie is waving at you! Oops, nope. That’s just your neighbor saying ‘hi’. Well, at least the tunes are great.

​Your Daytona Roadtrip-Style playlist:

Do you remember your greatest Spring Break trip? Send us a song (or playlist) that brings you back via Spotify! We may post some of our favorites on our Facebook and Twitter​


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