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The Battle to the Song Queue

The Battle to the Song Queue

​Whether it’s a game day get-together or just a random night to have your girlfriends/guy-friends/couples-friends over for cocktails, having the right playlist is essential to setting the tone and vibe. Enya is not going to inspire the same kind of lively fun as the band FUN would. If you’re feeling a bit lazy on putting together the night’s soundtrack - no worries, the HEOS app has “Party Mode​” functionality built right in – your guests can help you build an awesome playlist as they arrive! 

But, let us warn you – opening up your playlist to others doesn’t always operate as smoothly as you may think. While you’re busy trying to set the right vibe, the tricksters out there will try and hack your playlist! Prepare yourself for these haters and dominate the battle to the (music) queue by reading on…

The Night Starts Amazingly 

You’re at home, chillin’, getting the party started while waiting for your guests to arrive (obviously, you’ve added a few of your favorite songs to the playlist to get the night going).  

Your Pals Arrive 

Everyone’s getting into this shared playlist thing! Everyone’s adding their songs! Everyone’s happy! This is the best playlist ever created!​

Competitiveness Sets In

While everything started harmoniously – it soon turns to a cacophony of everyone claiming they have the best song to play next. Whoever has the fastest fingers in the HEOS app wins!

You Hear the Sweet Sound of Victory

This is your house! Of course you owned that battle and got your song in there first. Dance break to celebrate!​

And then That of Defeat

Waiiit, wait a minute – is that the guitar-strumming intro to Taylor Swift’s “22?” Nooo, no one would do that here and now, would they? Would they? Distract the group quickly by pulling up an appropriate viral video on your phone or computer: SNL’s Swiftamine​. ​

Finger-Pointing Begins

Who’s the scoundrel that interrupted the amazing playlist you had going with teenybop? You’ll find them – no question about it. 

The Battle Line is Drawn

No more of this tomfoolery! Emerge on the other side of this battle and take back control – open up the Now Playing tab in the HEOS app and delete those interfering parody tunes. *boom*

Now that you’re warned of how the night might go – start studying up on the songs you want to keep on hand. Take a look at our Spotify account​ to brush up on some of the best tunes that will wow your friends and send us your favorite songs – don’t forget that once you and your friends have created the perfect playlist, you can share it easily with them, too.



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