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The Good Kind of Gossip

The Good Kind of Gossip

When Darryl Wilkinson over at Sound & Vision asked us here at Denon why we decided to create HEOS​, he wasn’t quite expecting the answer we gave him. 

Apparently, he wanted to know more about what kind of difference we thought we could bring into the wireless music space. Here’s our “real” answer to his question – HEOS is here to bring you the best multi-room wireless sound quality, period.

So, how have we been doing in our quest to evolve multi-room sound to ensure that everywhere sounds amazing? We wanted to know – so we did what celebrities swear they never do – we Googled ourselves. Nothing like internet-stalking yourself to see where you stand in others’ eyes, right?

Here’s what we’ve found people have been saying about HEOS:

HEOS Looks


(Source: WHAT HI*FI​)

Just like wearing a two-button suit with slim lapels, topped off with a pocket square and flamboyant socks – style is all about mixing flash with function. 

While the HEOS 3, 5 and 7 each have similar styling (so they cohesively fit throughout your home), Sound & Vision notes

“There’s something about the proportions and cosmetics of ​the HEOS 7 that screams ‘performanc​e’ at the top of its lungs…”

We’re blushing. 

HEOS Setup

What do you need to set up HEOS speakers, you ask? You can’t imagine how simple it really is – like awesomely simple. We’ll break it down for you. To get your speakers up and running, all you need is:

  1. A wireless netwo​​​​rk

  2. The HEOS app

  3. Your HEOS speakers

​Literally as easy as a, b, c (1, 2, 3. Baby you and me.)


(Source: Sound & ​Vision​)

Wouldn’t that be nice.


The simpler the better, right? (That’s when you say, “right”.) It’s the mantra we operated from when developing our app. Centered around three main tabs, the app is meant to be intuitive and never hinder the ability to play the perfect playlist. A few features that were standouts in the reviews we read:

  • ​Drag-and-Drop: just like it sounds; moving around rooms, songs and other features is so easy you don’t even lift a finger (save that energy for your workout)
  • Pinch-to-Party: use a pinching motion to share a playlist playing in one room with the rest of the rooms you have set up in your app
  • Everyone is a DJ: you’ll quickly learn who in your home has the best taste in music; with this feature, everyone on your network can add music to the queue 

​With our app being the control-center for each of the HEOS speakers, we’re always looking to upgrade and update (newest updates can be found here) and would love to hear what you want to see next – just shoot us a note comment on Facebook

HEOS Sound

Guess what? It’s just like mom always told you - it’s not all about looks and exterior features, people like us for what’s on the inside, too (awwwww)!


(Source: TechGuySmartBuy)

From the ability to create a synchronized stereo pair of HEOS 3’s, to the two custom-designed tweeters in the HEOS 5 and the subwoofer and two passive radiators in the HEOS 7, many were very impressed with the sound stage quality each speaker put out. While there are definite tricks to making your HEOS sound best in whatever room it is placed in, a good rule of thumb to determine what HEOS is right for you is:


We’re so happy for all the love we’ve received from people who have recognized the thought and design we’ve put into HEOS and we would love to hear how you’re enjoying your HEOS – just holler at us on Facebook or Twitter to tell us how your experience has been! Still have questions? We’re happy to answer them on our support page.​


 “The Multi-Room Market Just Got Very Exciting Indeed.” – WHAT HiFi​?

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