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The Best Game Day Support: This Playlist

The Best Game Day Support: This Playlist


Playoffs?! We’re not kidding you. They’re here and now is the time to talk about them. As the big game approaches each season, you’re either stoked your team has made it to the playoffs, or you’ve already gone through the soul crushing experience of your team being eliminated from the running to clinch this year’s title (ouch). If your team has already lost and you’re still not done grieving, we recommend just scrolling down to our “Misery Loves Company” playlist below. If, instead, you’re busy digging out your body paint so you can really get into the “spirit” of the games – read on.​

​When game day rolls around, call up your buddies, put on a solid “get-pumped” playlist, send a prayer up to the sports gods, serve up some drinks​ and get ready for some friendly smack-talk. Once you’ve settled into your man cave, the game can really only go one of two ways - 

1). Uncharacteristically Horrible

​Your team made it this far – why does it seem like now, when the season is on the line, they’re running around like uncoordinated, flat-footed baby giraffes?

In cases like this, it’s time to stand up from your seat and really get to “coaching” from your living room. C’mon man, the team NEEDS you! 

​If somehow the calls didn’t align with the plays you would’ve chosen, you may be in trouble…

​…and it’s fine. We’ve all been there – on the losing side. We recommend quietly turning off the television, heading into a room alone and flipping on this playlist. Wallow a bit in solitude and then remember – there’s always next year.​

2). Amazingly AWE-some

Somehow every play has been a showstopper – the other team has nothing on you! At this point you’re doing so well, you don’t even have to do your own bragging to the others in the room – just let this song speak for you: 

Seriously – this IS how you do it:

 Or this…

​It’s time to celebrate…

​...but with a better soundtrack. We suggest this one:​​

And, since you’re such a graceful winner, you can even play your celebratory playlist in just the room​ you’re in, without interrupting those wallowing in their loss in the next room (or not – it’s really up to you). 

Have any other songs that help you through the agony of defeat, or celebrate the exaltation of victory? Follow us on Spotify and share them with us.


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