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On-Trend: Talking Points for 2015

On-Trend: Talking Points for 2015

​With so many ‘best of 2014' lists circling the Twitternet and grand predictions for 2015 painted in every paper, your flagged-to-read-later list may be exhaustive. This is not meant to be just another 2015 trends article to add. This is a post to scan now – the information collected will kindle your cultured reputation. So, read on, Mr. Know-it-All, for the top 10 2015 trends (aka talking points) in home, tech and lifestyle.

1. The hottest hue: Marsala

The 2015 Pantone color of the year​ is “a naturally robust and earthy wine red” that “enriches our minds, bodies and souls” (quite a grand proclamation of color). While you may not remember this shade in your crayon box, you’ll see it in everything from fashion (may we suggest a suit jacket or messenger bag?) to home décor. 

2. Tech: Mobile Everything

Reserve your judgment here; we know mobile has been a trend for the last ten years. It’s how you use your phone that continues to evolve. Last year, we introduced our mobile app that allows you (and others) to create playlists​ for HEOS speakers in different rooms throughout the house – and wirelessly connect (no Bluetooth limitations here!). We have a feeling similar functionality will be applied to other products and industries. Is there anything you can’t do from your smartphone? Trends 3-4 cover even more mobile trends.​

3. Tech: Mobile Payments

Leave your wallet at home – a smartphone is all you need. With more options to pay on your phone like Apple Pay and start-up Coin, credit cards may become passé.  

Official talking-point term to mentally jot down: Mobile Payment Systems.

4. Tech: Ordering Food

Waiting in line for coffee or ordering fast-food is so 2014, pre-ordering food from your mobile phone will become an obvious choice in 2015.​ calls this “fast-laning” (and it’s the trendy term you should remember) – and we are on board. Companies like Starbucks, Taco Bell and Chipotle offer order ahead functionality (or will) in their mobile applications. Not only will you save time, but you’ll increase the glances of envy tossed your way when your Americano is already waiting for you.

5. Lifestyle: Sharing “Toys”

Generations X and Y are upping their caring quotient by sharing rides, apartments – even bikes and umbrellas. Considering buying a car in the future? Think about co-ownership instead. Organizations like Audi Unite​ are refashioning “mobility as a personalized mico-sharing experience" (sharing is caring, right?). With Kickstarter and other crowdfunding resources, 2105 is sure to see even more opportunities for shared experiences.

6. Home: Outdoor living

Expect to see more indoor-outdoor spaces for living and entertaining. Savvy home builders are offering more transitional space options to fit your lifestyle. Fortunately, HEOS speakers are wireless and can be positioned in just about any way you can imagine – think of being able to open your living space for some indoor-outdoor cocktail party listening​ and then closing it off when you want to have a private dance party (we know you’ve danced to Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off at least once and there’s sure to be many more guilty pleasures in 2015). 

​7. Home: Copper

Copper is the new stainless steel (tweet this!).  Get ready to see sleek, modern kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms with copper accents infiltrating your (or your significant other’s) Pinterest and Instagram feeds. ​​

​8. Drink: Year of the Sherry

​Tasting Table is putting a stake in the ground on this beverage. Sherry, essentially, is a blend of old and new wine that hails from Spain. Purists sip straight from the wine glass, but it is also a bartender favorite for mixing. Entertaining? Add it to your bar cart and bust out these sherry facts​ for your guests.

9. Music: Mixing Styles & Genres

From unexpected collaborations (think violinists and DJ’s) to mixing sounds (think a Capella and electronic), look forward to untraditional musical fusions in 2015. 

10. Music: More Novelty Songs

As much as we pretended to cringe every time What Does the Fox Say played or rolled our eyes Gangnam Style, the viral one-hit wonders and novelty songs are more catchy than offensive to the general public. The next mash-up or Rebecca Black-like hit remains to be seen (heard?), but you know it is coming. Embrace it because nothing bonds people together more that mutual dislike. 


Pass along the talking points to your friends using the social sharing buttons above or click here to tweet it now​!  We’ll leave y​ou with a best of 2014 list from Spotify. Happy New Year!


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