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Music Motivation: How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Music Motivation: How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

​When it comes to New Year’s resolutions – or annual intentions – most of us fall into one of two camps: we all make ‘em thoughtfully every year (and then break ‘em or forget ‘em) or we avoid them like chores on a sunny day​. Either way, you aren’t doing yourself any favors. What will make this year different? Enter your personal trainer – sans the expensive bills, early morning appointments or bulked out gym-rats. This personal trainer is the soundtrack to achieving your goals (where would Leo and Kate be without My Heart Will go On?). This year, all you need is the solid support of an awesome playlist – and wireless speakers to play it.

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Not sure how music is going to help you slim your waistline, cultivate a new outlook on life or quit those lingering bad habits? We took a look at the top five New Year’s Resolutions that people were likely to set for themselves in 2015 (according to Marist Poll​), and how music can help you attain them:

1). Lose Weight/ Eat Better

​While your favorite indie band isn’t going to get you to grab a carrot vs candy bar (you have to do something on your own), soft music, along with some mood lighting, has been found to make people actually eat less while dining. To help stick to your 2015 diet, turn on a playlist of soft music, add some candles to the table and enjoy a lighter meal option​.  

2). Exercise More

What’s the worst part of going to the gym? Actually going! To amp up your motivation to work out, Brunel University’s School of Sport and Education’s deputy head of research, Costas Karageorghis, recommends putting together a playlist of songs with 125-140 beats per minute (think Somebody Told Me, by The Killers). Not only do studies show that music can help motivate you, they have concluded that music can help you perform better and even feel less fatigue​

Not sure what songs to download first? Try this playlist we’ve already put together for you.

​3). Be a Better Person

Ok, this one is open to interpretation of what could make you “better.” However, there are two things that undoubtedly would give us the ability to feel better and treat those around us better:

  • ​Sleeping better
  • Being less stressed

Think about the ability to have no more caffeine-withdrawal-induced snapping at co-workers! How will music help? Classical music (or other slow jams) has been shown to help reduce sleeping problems​, including insomnia, as well as reduce stress-related indicators​, such as anxiety, blood pressure, and increased heart rate. 

4). Stop Smoking

Have a bad habit that you turn to when under immense pressure? One study found that upbeat tunage could help alleviate pressure and help people perform better under intense situation. Next time you feel the urge to take a drag, just listen to some top pop hits​ instead. 

5). Improve Finances

No, we haven’t found that song that has the secret to the stock market quite yet, but with online music streaming and an in-home wireless sound system – you have hours of inexpensive entertainment at your fingertips. 

What resolutions will you be making this year? Make a commitment to keep ‘em this year by tweeting out the pact below! 



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