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A Holiday Playlist that Isn’t Lame

A Holiday Playlist that Isn’t Lame

The kids are clamoring for it, parents expect it, your significant other loves cozying up to a cup of cocoa (peppermint Schnapps optional) while listening to it – holiday music during this season is required listening. You’re no Grinch, but you also don’t want to be driven insane from the lame mall music you just escaped from. So, what should you do? Keep reading (help is below). 

In search of a non-lame playlist, we asked both our resident audiophiles and our Facebook fans​ to chime in on which songs get them into the spirit of the holidays and which they’d like to ban from the airwaves. ​

Although there was debate around certain songs (is ‘Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer’ a keeper or a stinker?), this Spotify playlist playing through your HEOS speakers will have any Scrooge rocking out in no time.​

With the merry in full swing - thanks to your new playlist - let’s chat about a few common themes that plagued the “worst” songs nominated:

  • Anything sung by a cartoon character. While cartoons for sure have their place in life (don’t try to tell us you haven’t tuned into some Saturday morning cartoonage in the past year – we know it’s a lie), it’s not singing carols. Case and point – The Chipmunks Christmas album – *eye roll*.
  • Animals “singing.” Dogs are awesome for tons of things…singing is not one of them.
  • Acting too cool. The holidays are about tinsel, bows and goodwill – it’s a bit frilly and that’s what makes it enjoyable. A holiday song about hating the holidays just ain’t gonna fly.
  • Trying to be sexy. Nope. Just doesn’t work. If the point of the holidays is to spend quality time with family and friends, sexy just becomes awkward. (Proof –> this).

What do you think makes the best holiday songs (or the worst)? Follow us on Spotify and share with us​ the songs you love and those you love to hate! 



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