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Sound Check: Best Configurations for your HEOS speakers

Sound Check: Best Configurations for your HEOS speakers

​Your new HEOS speakers are out of the box and are staring you down while you try and figure out where their new home will be. Up on that bookshelf? On the side table next to the lamp? The counter? The floor? The dresser? The options may seem endless and overwhelming, but we’re here to break it down for you. Who has time for a staring match, anyway? It boils down to this: deciding where you place your speakers is all about what type of sound you want to get out of them.

(Sound) Check Yourself

Slow your roll, step back for a second, and think about how you’re going to use your speakers most often. If you plan on some sweet solo jam sessions (it’s just you and Coldplay here), consider how you can position yourself in the “Sweet Spot” – the apex of a triangle with your HEOS 3 speakers forming the base. Once you’ve positioned your speakers, sit back and turn up the volume while you listen to your paired speakers in stereo.


If you’re thinking more of creating the party-pad of choice vibe for your group of friends, keep in mind that going big may actually send everyone home. To avoid blaring the music in your living room at the expense of those in the kitchen who are conversing to the beat of Frank Sinatra, replace one huge speaker with a few different sizes of HEOS speakers dispersed throughout your living space so that you can control the volume of each speaker as your gathering moves around your home.


Can’t choose which set up is right for you? Don’t stress – HEOS speakers are wireless and easy to move, so there’s really no commitment required (phew).

All about that Bass.

Are you all about that bass (no treble)? Take these tips into consideration when looking for the perfect location to place your HEOS speakers:

  • Boundaries Matter. The more room boundaries (i.e. walls and other surfaces) your speaker is situated next to, the more bass you will hear. So, if you want to pump up the bass, put your speaker in a corner.
  • Get Cozy. Not only does the amount of room boundaries matter, the proximity of your speaker to these surfaces will affect the sound. The closer to the walls, the more bass you will hear.
  • Get in Control. No matter where you decide to place your HEOS sp​eaker, you always have the option to open up the HEOS app and bump up the bass using the controls. Easy-peasy, right?

Get into Treble.

Craving a little treble in your life (and maybe you’ve heard a song with NO treble before- yuck)? Here’s how you can set up your speaker to optimize the treble output:

  • Line it Up. Treble sound waves tend to travel in straight lines. So, if you dig treble, you’ll want to place your speakers somewhere in the room at listening height.
  • Don’t be a Softy. Treble also likes to bounce around off hard surfaces. By having softer surfaces in your home, you will hear less apparent treble.
  • Boost it. Just like you can bump up the bass in the HEOS app, you can do the same with the treble control.

Have any additional questions about setting up your HEOS speakers, or sound quality in general? Ask away on our Facebook page or Help page and the experts here at Denon will help you sort it out.


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