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Attention, recovering mix-tape addicts: This one’s for you.

Attention, recovering mix-tape addicts: This one’s for you.

​Remember when the ultimate measure of your love, friendship or utter coolness was the mix-tape?


This now-extinct medium was the canvas for so much of our youthful self-expression. And guess what?  It’s back (kind of) – just in time for the holidays - and it’s definitely cooler.​

Today, we call it a playlist, and you no longer have to create an artsy carrying case for it using an inside-out Maxell tape cover and colored markers (meaning no more embarrassingly ink-stained hands from writing down track names for 30+ songs).


Instead, you can download choice songs and share it via the handy HEOS App (no gift wrapping required). You’ll look much cooler than those cassette tape covers ever did—first, for having superb musical taste (a given), second, for having the new, ultra-edgy HEOS wireless multi-room sound system​ and HEOS App, and third, for having a gift for everyone on your list – plus some. 


You can’t lose.


Some tips for making your playlist sing:


Know your audience (who) and venue (where). You wouldn’t use the same songs on the playlist for your crush as you would for a poker night mix for the guys. (Imagine that scenario. Awk-ward. We promise to help keep those two worlds separate at all times.)


Mix it up. Choose tunes that you know your recipient likes. Add your faves. Go out on a limb with a few obscure gems you heard first. And don’t forget a couple of guilty pleasures. (Everyone, everyone loves Don’t Stop Believin’. Make peace with this.)


Sharing is caring. That uncomfortable moment of handing over your mix-tape (will they like it?) is a thing of the past. Now sharing your sweet playlist with friends and your social network can be as simple as a few clicks via Spotify. Or, you can share your playlist directly with friends who are on the same Wi-Fi network - just have them login to their HEOS app, download the playlist and they’ll be able to access it even after they leave your wireless zone. Even better – an awesome playlist makes for the perfect backdrop for your next holiday get together, or even a last minute holiday gift. Score!


Mark your milestones. Don’t give all the playlist love to other people. Memorialize your great vacations, break-ups, new jobs, the first time your significant other came over for the holidays—whatever you like—with personal playlists.  It’s truly awesome to revisit a playlist and remember where your head was at the time. (Don’t judge yourself. We’ve all danced in the kitchen to Bootylicious. And it was fun.)



Now that you have playlist fever, get to work. Find out everything you need to know about the HEOS App and how to use it here​


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