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Hello HEOS App. Goodbye Dinner Party Awkwardness.

Hello HEOS App. Goodbye Dinner Party Awkwardness.

​A cheese platter fit for a king is sitting on the coffee table, the liquor cabinet is stocked with the fixings for your signature cocktail​ and the table’s set. ‘Tis the season of dinner parties and get-togethers, after all, and although you’ve done everything in your power to set the night up for awesomeness, there’s no guarantee your evening will be awkward-moment free. 


Your one safety net to help you salvage a night when Uncle Bob (or whoever that one is in your family) starts rambling about his dating life? The HEOS app. Seriously – keep reading. We’ll walk you through a typical holiday party and how HEOS, and the power of music, can rescue your well-intended planning efforts:


5:45 PM

Your early bird guests start arriving. Don’t they know 6:00 really meant 6:30?

The cooking timer says your main course still has about an hour left in the oven, so keep your company entertained by having them download the HEOS app (available on the App Store or on Google Play​) onto their mobile device. Greet them with the drink du jour and instructions on how to download. 


6:00 PM

The HEOS app has been downloaded by all and your app(etizer)s are being gobbled up like nobody’s business (culinary win!). Now, ask your guests to help you set the vibe of the evening by adding their favorite songs to the personalized playlist you developed just for the special evening to play in the dining room.


6:45 PM

Dinner is served. And your kitchen skills are basically becoming world renowned. The background music has been perfectly set and no one has had to leave the table to fuss with any CD’s, auxiliary cables or incessant skipping of annoying songs. If someone adds an abnormally disruptive song, at least it serves as a conversation starter.


7:30 PM​

The coffee’s brewing, but you’ve just spotted your mother…heading for the photo album…to show your new significant other….”the” baby pictures. ​

​Don’t let anyone see that jolt of dread you just felt. Just whip out your phone, pull up the HEOS app and swap out the soothing tones of Norah Jones to something a little heavier (we recommend anything by Metallica or Slayer) – you MUST stop this. Intercepted!


7:35 PM

With the crisis safely averted you can now relax, serve up dessert and easily return your guests to the easy listening tunes​ you were enjoying before the head-banging anthem “accidently” interrupted the evening, all with the tap of the app.


7:50 PM

Although the adults are still enjoying the festivities, any kiddos in attendance may be getting tired. You know everyone can rest easy as you usher their tired little eyes into the bedroom where you can turn on a different playlist to soothe them to sleep (this lullaby playlist​ is just perfect) until their parents are ready to scoop them up and head out for the night.

​9:30 PM

The party was a success! The vibe in all rooms of the house was perfect (congrats to you, vibe-master!), you discovered a ton of new songs you enjoy (or that make the do-not-ever-play again list) and you have officially been deemed the host of the year.


Does the term ‘HEOS to the rescue’ resonate with you now? While we may have taken a few creative liberties with how your night will progress, we have no doubt that the HEOS app paired with a few HEOS speakers will make your event one to remember. 


If you have the perfect dinner party playlist already created, share it with us on Facebook so we can add it to our Spotify channel​.


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