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Life AH: After HEOS

Life AH: After HEOS

​Suddenly, your life has a soundtrack. And it’s loud.

When you become the owner of a HEOS speaker, you officially become the life of the party – or at leas​t host of it - and THE MAN (even if you’re a woman).  With great wireless sound comes great responsibility. So don’t open that HEOS box lightly, friend. Know that you hold in your hands the power to transform your home, your relationships, your music and your parties. Life After HEOS is amazing.

First, you’ll set it up. 

Basing your expectations on electronics set-ups past, you may think to get a tarp, toolbox and enough food to prep for doomsday. But guess what? You won’t be housebound for weeks trying to set up HEOS. It takes just minutes​.

Then, you’ll listen.

You’ll play your favorite tune​ for the first time on HEOS and, WOW, it’s an uncharted voyage of unimaginable pleasure for your eardrums.

Next come the playlists. 

You’ll make them. You’ll share them. Others will share with you. So many playlists​. ​So many artists. A playlist for EACH and EVERY one – in each and every room! 


Then you’ll party.

​Ah, your first party with HEOS. The word you’re thinking of is epic. They make movies about this stuff.

But, if your idea of the perfect party involves an exclusive guest list of your poker buddies, we have no doubt it will be equally as epic.

With just a simple set up and a free app, you’ve changed everything. So, say goodbye to your old life.​ It’s Life AH now, and it sounds pretty good

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