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Here’s one for the Audiophiles

Here’s one for the Audiophiles

​Don’t tell us you’ve never daydreamed about time travel. If you could only get your hands on a time machine… Obviously, you’d go back to middle school and save yourself from a few embarrassing moments you still haven’t quite lived down and, of course, give the high-school you some style advice – because, c’mon, Birkenstocks with socks was NOT a fashion statement you should have made (or maybe that was just us?).​ Imagine the musical experiences time travel could provide; attending – in person - Woodstock, Monterey Pop Festival, Tupac’s last performance, an AC/DC concert with Bon Scott, every performance at every music festival (no more picking which stage to post up in front of). Because nothing, really nothing, is quite as amazing, as true unfiltered music – especially coming from your music idols (not even being able to save yourself from that humiliating rejection from your 9th grade crush).


Delivering that unadulterated sound quality right into your own home is exactly why we created the HEOS s​​peakers. When you add a HEOS speaker to your home, you’re not merely getting a little box in the corner of a room that pumps out your Spotify playlist. Instead, you’re adding a sound stage to your home. Sitting in front of the HEOS 3, 5 or 7, you’ll actually begin to visualize where each band member would be standing on that “living room stage” before you, which should satisfy your craving for the iconic music moments – at least until science gets moving on time travel. 

So, what makes a HEOS speaker sound so amazing? Our Product Marketing Director, points out a few reasons:

  • ​Wide Frequency Response: From the deepest bass (we’ve heard “it is all about the bass”) to the highest notes (think Mariah Carey’s vocals in “Bliss”), HEOS speakers deliver all of the sounds the artists intended for you to hear.
  • Clean, Efficient Class D Amplifiers: With the power provided by these amps, HEOS speakers don’t produce any sounds that were not intended to be heard – this ensures you receive sound clarity and a faithful reproduction of all your favorite songs.
  • MaxxAudio® by Waves: There’s another reason HEOS speakers sound so real. Basically, a combo of digital signal processing (DSP) + a small computer contained in the speaker + the same algorithm used inside recording studios = a rich, clean sound, with plenty of bass, coming from a speaker that sounds wider than it you thought possible. 
  • Industry Leading Synchronization: No matter how many speakers you add to your home set-up, they’ll be synchronized in a “party mode” as only Denon knows how to create.​ We may have left wires behind, but not our passion for ensuring all the players sound “tight” all the time, every time. Nowhere is this more important than when a pair of HEOS 3s team up for a rock-solid stereo performance.
  • Custom, custom, custom: No aspect of these speakers is an accident. The unique shape of each model not only looks great, there’s science behind it.​ Inside each HEOS speaker, custom drivers, powered by perfectly matched amplifiers​ and tailored equalization stages all work together to remain true to the artist’s vision. Play what you want. Hear what you’re supposed to.

Really, would you have expected anything less from Denon, a company with over 100 years of experience crafting quality products to produce quality sound? If you want to know more about the sound quality and our development process, feel free to chat with us on Twitter or Facebook​ – that’s always the best way to reach out to our resident audiophiles!


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