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City Spotlight: Sydney’s Music Scene

City Spotlight: Sydney’s Music Scene

​​Something about live music fills any void of intimacy. Perhaps it’s the intimate crowd of [sometimes thousands of] strangers or the bass pumping through every pore of your being. And nothing compares to the raw sound quality of a performance (whether an old favorite or unknown indie artist) in person. But, do you ever have that feeling that your local music scene is a bit too, well, local? That’s where the team of HEOS​ music-lovers comes in. Our worldwide network has their eyes and ears out in the – dare we say - coolest music destinations and are here to highlight them for you in our City Spotlight series​

Our first destination – Sydney, Australia. 

For a laid-back, Indie, soft-pop, folky vibe, the streets of Sydney are a mecca of all things music. Yes, the Sydney Opera House and large music festivals will offer a wealth of bigger-name headliners on tour, but, the small bars and pubs lining Kings Cross, Oxford Street and Enmore Road offer a small town feeling in a big city, focusing on giving new, emerging artists a chance on stage. 


Jazz in the Domain



Buskers "Pitt Street Mall"

The first tip for experiencing all the ear-candy the city has to offer: prepare for the unexpected. The music in Sydney isn’t confined indoors or to designated establishments; the streets themselves are an ever-ready venue for some of the city’s most talented musicians (i.e. Buskers​), who make use of both traditional and not-so-typical instruments. Take a look at a few example performances you may just stumble across while perusing the city.

Ready to book your trip to Sydney? Either way, be sure to download our Spotlight On: Sydney playlist so you can immerse yourself in the sounds of the city before you begin your travels or let the music be a getaway in itself.​


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