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8 Things That are Harder Than Setting up HEOS Speakers.

8 Things That are Harder Than Setting up HEOS Speakers.

HEOS speakers are unbelievably easy to set up.  Watch this:

  • Plug in HEOS 
  • Download the HEOS​ App
  • Connect to your wireless network
  • Pick your music

That’s it. You can read it over again, we’ll wait.

​See? So easy. But if you need more convincing, we’ve compiled a list of things that are way, way, harder – and require much more brain power - than using the HEOS speakers. 

1. Telling a kid “no.”

Aw, your perfect little angel just asked why she can’t watch something called “Pineapple Express”—she loves pineapples! Surely she will take your wise decision in stride.

2. Remembering your passwords.

Is it a capital "L" and three zeros? Two zeros? ARE THERE EVEN ZEROS IN IT AT ALL?

3. Physics.

Science is hard!  We’ll even narrow it down to Newton’s Law of Gravity. Two helpful tips: What goes up must come down, and round things roll.


4. Dating.

You might not be as smooth as you think you are. 


5. Getting up on Monday.

Remember the weekend? Yeah. You have five days before you get to do that again.  

6. Writing your resume.

You can’t list “.​gif enthusiast” or “avid music blog reader” as skills.

7. This.

Setting up HEOS speakers does not require a coach, years of training or a leotard. But you can wear one if you like.

8. Taking a ball from a turtle.

Ha, you thought you had this one. Turtles are slow, but have hair-trigger tempers and no morals. If a turtle has your toy and you somehow get it back, sleep with one eye open. He’s coming for you.

Wow, those were hard. And it took longer to read this than it does to set up your HEOS speakers. By now, you could have been doing some very easy listening. Learn more about the amazing HEOS wireless multi-room Speaker System by Denon here.

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