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That’s a Wrap on CEDIA 2014

That’s a Wrap on CEDIA 2014

​Just about a week ago, technophiles and AVTweeps alike w​ere in Denver just itching to get inside CEDIA 2014 and get a peek at some of the newest products in the audio, visual, control and lighting arenas.

​With innovative products front and center in the mile-high city, you bet HEOS was in the house showing off some of the newest features and products, such as the:

  • HEOS 3, 5 and 7 - now available in white!
  • Entire line of Denon AV-Receivers. The wall featuring AVR-S500BT, AVR-X1100W, AVR-X5200W and others was not only super impressive looking (be sure to check out the photo in the carousel below), but their Bluetooth® wireless streaming and the latest HDMI 2.0 connectivity also WOW-ed CEDIA-goers.
  • Demos of our Dolby Atmos theater powered by the AVR-X5200W (can we just say they were mind -wait for it- blowing).
  • New line of Music Maniac Headphones. Visitors to our booth loved the new models, but we can’t wait for everyone to test each of the MM200, MM300 and MM400 to see which turns them into a true music maniac!
  • Launch of our 60 Days to Be Amazed Program! Right now, if you purchase a HEOS speaker, you will enjoy a FREE 60-day subscription to Spotify and 30% back when you purchase a second speaker within 60 days. 

And, it wasn’t just CEDIA attendees that were impressed by what HEOS has to offer. We took home two awards: Residential Systems & Twice’s 2014 Best of Show and the 2014 ExC!te Award​.

Want an even more in-dep​th look inside HEOS​ at this year’s CEDIA? Take a look at this exclusive interview from AudioGurus​.

​If you were able to attend CEDIA, tweet us your thoughts about the event, and of course, the HEOS brand, to @DenonAmerica​

And, if you’ve never traveled to Denver, CO, let John Denver’s “I Guess He’d Rather Be in Colorado” inspire your travel bucket list. 


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