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30 Minute At Home Workout (and Playlist)

30 Minute At Home Workout (and Playlist)

Working out. Whether you love it, or hate it, you know you gotta do it. On top of the fact your significant other (and mom) keeps nagging reminding you about how much healthier you’ll be, you know maintaining your exercise routine keeps you looking good. Hey – hot tub bathing suit season is just as important at bikini season, right? But, with the days becoming shorter, heading to the gym after a day of being cooped up in the office seems almost unbearable and the impending colder weather will make those 6am outdoor boot camps a total no-go.

For those days where the weather keeps you from your normal workout, the kids have an after-school activity, or you just need a quick, 30 minute routine to get ready for Awards Season (we’re looking at you Brooke Burke​) we’ve put together the following workout and playlist.  

Ready to put in some work? Add this playlist to your HEOS​ app, turn up your HEOS speakers and perform each exercise for the full length of the corresponding song. If, hypothetically, you need a quick rest (not that you would), just press pause.

(For this workout you will need: hand weights, a sturdy chair or stool, and an optional jump rope)

1. “Intro” by The xx:  Warm up (2:08 mins)

In addition to any other stretching and warms ups you need, use this time to get your body warm with alternating kicking toe touches, arm swings and running in place.

2. “I Love it” by Icona Pop, Charli XCX: Burpees (2:35 mins)

We all have a love-hate relationship with burpees, but we’re kicking off this workout with them to get your heart rate up quickly.

3. “Birthday Cake” by Rihanna: Squats & Squat Pulses (1:18 mins)

Repeat this sequence until the end of the song: 5 squats followed by 10 squat pulses

4. “Mansard Roof” by Vampire Weekend: Alternating Side Lunges​ (2:08 mins)

Alternate moving from your right to left throughout the song.

5. “Stomp” by The Stone Foxes: Bicep Curls​ (1:50 mins)

Curlies for the girlies…we just couldn’t in good faith leave this exercise move out. ​

6. “She” by Green Day: Squat to Overhead Press​ (2:14 mins)

Workout your three target zones during this exercise by engaging your core the entire time.

7. “Fell in Love With a Girl” by The White Stripes: Jump Rope or Shadow Box​ (1:50 mins)

Channel your inner boxer with this cardio break. If you don’t have a jump rope on hand, get your boxer shuffle on and throw out a few jabs and upper-cuts. 

8. “Come On!” by The Hives: Jackknife​ (1:08 mins)

Come on, you can do it! Lie on your back with hands and legs extended – use your core to bring your shoulders off the ground and take your hands to your toes.

9. “I’m a Drum-Machine” by Denzal Park: Pushups (2:02 mins)

If you want to modify this classic, feel free to lower down to your knees, widen your hand placement or try a few tricep pushups.

10. “He’s a Pirate by Klaus Badelt: Plank​ (1:30 mins)

Fully extended or resting on your forearms, with a pirate theme song playing in the background, you’ll defiantly be able to hold the pose for a minute and a half.

11. “Blitzkrieg Bob” by Ramones: Jackknife (2:13 mins)

This exercise is killer on your core - the higher you can lift your shoulders and legs off of the ground, the better!

12. “Rock” by Cloud Nothings: Burpees  (1:42 mins)

Yes, again.

13. “Teen Lovers” by The Virgins: Bicep Curls (2:13 mins)

Grab those weights and repeat this go-to exercise. Squeeze your dumbbells tightly for maximum performance. 

14. “Song 2” by Blur: Squat to Overhead Press (2:02 mins)

Wa-hooo, these will get your shoulders burning. 

15. “Testifying Time” by The Amazing Snakeheads: Push Ups (1:05 mins)

Form is more important than reps! Modify as needed now that you're almost done with the workout.

16. “The Thrill” by Miguel: Cool Down/Stretch (3:02 mins)

If you’re still really warm, do a few walking laps around the room until your heart rate lowers enough to start your stretching routine. Focus on stretching your shoulders and legs with all that work you just put in.​

BONUS: “Sexy and I Know It” by LMFAO: Freestyle Dance

Shut the door and do the running man – we know how good you’re feeling after that workout. What dance moves do you think former Dancing With The Stars performer Brooke Burke would bust out?

Are you feeling it? If you’re not fatigued yet, try pressing play again and doing another round!


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