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There’s something amazing about HEOS

There’s something amazing about HEOS

​And another thing. And another.​

With so many phenomenal qualities and features, it’s no wonder people – even celebrities​ - are overcome with amazement when they plug in and play a HEOS speaker. Easy to use, thrillingly pristine sound, and that App—who wouldn’t be overwhelmed? But we don’t want you to strain anything. If you prefer your amazement spread out over time, check this out.

60 Days to be Amazed

Right now, we have a special promotion that gives you 60 whole days to be  amazed—and more.  It works like this*:

  • ​Purchase a HEOS speaker and be amazed

  • Enjoy a FREE 60-day subscription to Spotify when you register

  • Get a 30% rebate when you purchase a second speaker within 60 days

But we’re betting it won’t take you 60 days. We think you’ll be blown away pretty much as soon as you make its acquaintance.

Why? Because HEOS is so easy, exceptional, fun and versatile. HEOS has many ways to amaze you, such as: ​

Easy Set Up 

Just a few minutes from plug to play. AMAZING, MAN.


Different playlists for every room.

Everyone can listen to the same thing throughout the house or something different in each room. With just a tap on the App. Let it sink in.​


​Easy access to all of your music in one place.

One easy-to-use library of music for you (check out the different players), one giant leap for mankind.

Excellent sound quality.

Bravo, HEOS, bravo.​

Bonus: We’ve even created an ”amazing” mini playlist to help you process your awe:


​For more details on 60 Days to be Amazed, go here. For more information on HEOS features, go here​.

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​*Note: Currently, this offer is only available in North America.


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