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The Vibe of the HEOS Blog

The Vibe of the HEOS Blog

Perhaps you’ve heard about our new wireless multi-room sound system, HEOS​; perhaps you’ve stumbled across this post by accident or on purpose because you’re curious. On the HEOS Vibe – the blog you are reading now – we celebrate the love of music, of sound and of the vibe any song can create. We welcome questions, comments, pondering and ideas about life. After all, what’s life without a beat, a rhythm?

What you can expect from the HEOS Vibe blog

We know you’re busy so we’ll lay all of our cards on the table. Here’s what you can expect:

  • All things music-related: quirky playlists, underground artists, fun facts
  • Home-centered topics: “technorating”, entertaining, room-by-room ideas (i.e. man caves, libraries and backyards)
  • Tips from the HEOS Guru: Q & A about HEOS, sound quality, tech tips
  • Life efficiency tricks: Music apps, how-to’s from the perfect grill marks to hiding the cables
  • HEOS reviews, news and celebrities

HEOS Vibe is a blog you’ll want to come back to- covering the latest in music, technology, and life in general.. Go ahead and subscribe to the posts now so you don’t forget.


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