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HEOS Got Back!

HEOS Got Back!

It does indeed got back. Here’s the deal: As you may know by now, HEOS​ is the wireless multi-room sound system to end all wireless multi-room sound systems. What you may not know is that HEOS has a little surprise in the back. All the HEOS speakers have a USB port, an AUX input, and an Ethernet jack, which gives you more ways to jam out to anything from Mac Demarco to ABBA to Miley. Here’s the breakdown.


USB Port: The USB port allows you to plug a drive full of music into the speaker, which can then be accessed by any connected speaker. That’s right, plug in a USB drive of music into a speaker in your room and listen to it from a speaker on your patio. That’s the beauty of wifi.
AUX Input: The AUX input allows you to plug in virtually any audio device and, like the USB port, listen to it from any connected HEOS speaker. Plug in your buddy’s six-year-old mp3 player, the sound from the TV, a record player or the phone of that dodgy guy that showed up the party (with whom you’d never share your wireless password!)Whatever floats your musical boat.
Ethernet Jack: The Ethernet jack allows you to hardwire your speakers to the network, if you so wish. We make wireless connection elementary-school easy, but if hard-wiring your speakers to the network works best for you, it’s cool.


We’re all about freedom. And while our speakers are designed to be used wirelessly, we provide as many options we can to let you rock out in whatever way works best for you. If all these ports and plugs are not your thing, don’t fret. That’s why we created the HEOS App that streamlines the setup process—and does it all wirelessly. Just place your speakers where you want them, download the App, connect to your wifi and enjoy your music. Click here and view the full awesomeness of HEOS.


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