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Reclaim the Spare Bedroom

Reclaim the Spare Bedroom

So you’ve got this spare bedroom. You use it two, maybe three times a year when guests come around. That room could be so much more: Add a 50” TV, a plushy leather couch, a poker table, even a bar, and now you’ve got a room you can use. But a project like that can be daunting, so here are some ideas on what that spare bedroom could be, and don’t forget—no true sanctuary is complete without a music playlist that sets the right mood from an amazing wireless speaker system like HEOS​.

1. Man Cave/Ma’am Cave

The Man Cave, or Ma’am Cave, is your signature. It’s uniquely yours - so take our suggestions lightly and consider: What are your primal entertainment needs?


Inspiration from HGTV

Here is a playlist to jumpstart your creativity.

If you want to bring world-class surround-sound to your cave, hook up your HEOS system to your TV and you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the drama, whether you’re watching the game or Real Housewives.

2. Library

If you consider yourself a more refined gentleman or gentlewoman, you may need a sophisticated place to showcase your impressive book and music collection.


Inspiration from HouseBeautiful

Here is a playlist to promote deep focus in your library.

Merge your new and old music libraries with your HEOS speakers by hooking them up to your record player or stereo while the HEOS app gives you access to all your digital music.

3. Bar

Parties are your thing and you’re tired of serving your guests from the kitchen counter. Create a space just for your get-togethers, complete with your own stylish bar.



Inspiration from Decoist

Keep the party pumping with this playlist you can stream on your HEOS speakers.

4. Coffee/Tea/Breakfast Room

The most important meal of the day deserves its own room. Hook up some coffeehouse jazz, brew up that coffee or tea, and enjoy that bacon you worked so hard to bring home.


Inspiration from Things That Inspire

Here is the perfect playlist for those relaxing mornings. Check it out on your HEOS app.

Do yourself a favor—reclaim that spare bedroom and put it to good use. Inspiring HEOS sound will make light work of any DIY projects.


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