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Spotted: HEOS with Nick Cannon & Whitney Port

Spotted: HEOS with Nick Cannon & Whitney Port

From your living room to backstage at America’s Got Talent to a design studio in LA (if you just so happen to land a gig hosting a nationwide television show or start designing your own clothing line) – anywhere really does sound amazing with HEOS.

It’s true. We have proof from two celebrities…

America’s Got Talent host, Nick Cannon recently posted a pic of his HEOS speakers in his dressing room on his Facebook page – any guesses on what gets those killer shoes a-tappin’?

 Nick Cannon and HEOS.JPG

   Image courtesy of Nick Cannon

Need to slow down the tunage for some serious creative inspiration? Not a problem. We’re not exactly sure what Whitney Port likes to listening to, but be sure that if fiancé Tim Rosenman is in the next room wanting to listen to EDM without disturbing Whit’s creative process, he can…with HEOS (both people win in this future marriage).

Skeptical? You can always read for yourself all the details about the audiophile-grade sound quality of the HEOS speakers on our website. If you’re not really in a reading mood, no worries; we’ll break it down for you below.

In any room- in every room- in any location, you can have high quality sounding music with just a tap in the HEOS A​pp.

Have photos of your HEOS speakers sounding amazing in your home? Send them to us on Facebook or Twitter and tag #AnywhereSoundsAmazing so we can see, too!


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