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30 of the Hottest 70s & 80s Summer Songs to Keep Cool

30 of the Hottest 70s & 80s Summer Songs to Keep Cool

Everything about summer rocks; the sandy beaches, icy popsicles, and, most definitely, the music.

In fact, two of the best decades for easy-listening summertime tunes were the 70s and 80s – fact. And if you don’t agree we can hash it out later. That summer music was so right, we’re willing to look the other way on questionable, decade-centric fashion trends (we’re looking at you, leisure suit).

From Jimmy Buffett to the Ramones, the 70s and 80s produced some iconic warm-weather hits. And we’ve captured a bunch of the best in a hot little playlist just for you. Blast the past through your house just by downloading it with your HEOS App. And feel free to add your own oldies—access any of your cloud, online, streaming or saved music sources, tap the app, make your list and turn it up loud.

Some of our favorites

Find new (well, old n​ew) favorites and lay claim to the songs your parents had on repeat when you were little. That stuff was good, and the HEOS​ App is here to help you relive it all summer long.​


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